Written in a storybook format, here is the magical story of Pinocchio World. 

Once upon a time, Pinocchio was born, in Italy. Pinocchio and his friends had the loveliest childhood, running around the wild Italian countryside, visiting beautiful monuments and making memories. 

One day, Pinocchio and his friends decided to take a journey around the world, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates! 

When they arrived in Dubai, they were stunned by what they saw. Large skyscrapers, the never-ending desert and a sun that always shines. Carim the Camel even joined the Pinocchio squad! He was happy to show them around Dubai’s landmarks, like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and so much more. 

The Pinocchio squad decided to settle down in Dubai, as they wanted to discover all its glory, and make new, fun memories. They made a new home for themselves, in Pinocchio World, where they showed their best talents: Wood Work. 

Everyday, the Pinocchio squad made delightful new pieces to show everyone in Dubai, like sculptures of Pinocchio with Burj Khalifa. 

One day, whilst the Pinocchio squad were hard at work showcasing all their favorite memories and people in beautiful hand-made wooden items, some people came to visit… on music boxes! 

The people from the Wooderful life™kingdom had come to visit Pinocchio and his friends! They had heard of their fun times in Dubai, and wanted to join in the fun. They brought with them the most magical stories, of unicorns and fairy lands, even cats that play piano! 

And so, like the ending of any happy fairytale, the kingdom of Wooderful life™and Pinocchio and his friends now live in harmony at Pinocchio World, where they make new, hand-made wooden memories everyday for anyone who visits. 

They started doing this together in 2012, and have been doing it ever since. They even opened their very own stores, in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. The squad shows their incredible stories through music boxes, clocks and more, so everyone can live happily ever after, together.